One Laptop Per Child

Quite possibly the most influential change in how technology affects society

Death by Smiley Face: When Rivals Disdain Profit

Altruism vs Economics

The Discourse on "Digital Maoism"

We're still trying to understand the intelligence behind collective intelligence

Rex Ashlock

My late grandfather. A legendary and prolific artist.

Jesse Ashlock

An adept and creative writer who articulately describes and critiques our modern media landscape, our society, and many other things. Also happens to be an older brother.

Peter Ashlock

Father, artist, inspirator, source of much self-sustaining ambition.

Alice Kapka

Mother, artist, inspirator, source of much self-sustaining ambition.

Surj Patel

An incredibly creative individual who just happens to be my cousin, Surj is <em>the</em> idea man for wildly imaginative, innovative, and open technologies. Also the catalyst for the <a href="">open source cell phone</a>

Family Creative

As a member of this family (The Principled Wizard), I help push our altruistic agenda on the world of web development.

Digital Hearth

The cozy digital home of my elder, Alexander Mahan. Currently on sabbatical in London, Alex is also the "Benevolent Patriarch" of <a href="">Family Creative</a>