Associated Students of WWU

Client Associated Students of WWU
Methods Photoshop, PHP, MySQL, Javascript including effect libraries and AJAX

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The AS website serves many purposes. It acts as a wealth of information for the student body, it follows the actions of the student government, and it announces the latest events. This website was designed to allow for quick and easy access to the most pertinent information and also to allow AS employees to update the content relevant to their office.

The page for the AS Elections demonstrates one of the many direct and informative pages found within the site. The menu structure on the right is populated to fit the context of the page with the most relevant links. This right side menu makes use of CSS and Javascript with nested lists to provide expanding menu-options which conserve space, reduce visual clutter, and help you navigate more directly.

The personnel directory allows you to easily sort the list of information depending on your needs. Some simple menu options also make it easy to download the list as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet by pulling the information from the database and reformatting the data based on your preferences.

The contact page of the website utilizes a highly customized JavaScript AJAX system to verify the correct information and send the email on the fly. A common feature of many contact forms is a mechanism to filter out spambots and this system is no different other than the fact that it uses some very simple and accessible questions rather than the scrambled text of the more common CAPTCHA systems. The PHP and JavaScript development that went into this form system also allows for infinite levels of customization by simply adding or editing HTML form fields. The email which it generates then automatically creates corresponding HTML to display the content of the input fields.

The backend administrative section of the AS website is designed to allow any of the 200+ employees of the AS to add and edit content for the main AS page or for their individual office websites. The layout of this content management system is meant to be as simple as possible, allowing navigation for only the sections and types of content relevant to each user.